is the brand and web site name from The Santa Fe Group.

The group was formed in 1988 to assist churches with implementation of technology, increase administrative effectiveness and facilitate disciple and church growth. It is a unique assemblage of former church staff members with intense skills and motivation.

Our staff brings a wealth of experience to your church:

Harry Stoorza is an ordained minister with seminary degrees in Church Administration and Adult Education. Harry’s 25 plus years in church business administration allows him to share his wealth of knowledge in Fund Accounting and other other chruch business endeavors. Harry’s doctorate was intense research into what motivates people to give money and time to the church.

He brings great motivational skills to the class room or pulpit. Expertise areas include all phases of church administration and organizational dynamics.

Nancy Stoorza has served two large and progressive churches as Administrative Assistant. Her expertise area is the ability to understand and relate complicated computer systems to the life of the church. Nancy also is partner in the parent company of, The Santa Fe Group, which and supports secular accounting software.

Chris Gomez brings a wealth of computer, hardware and IT technology to the church. He served as director of facilities and systems for a dynamic church. | Consulting | Training | Tools & Tech | Customer Care | About US | Contact US | Legal eChurch® ©1996-2008 all rights reserved