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Batch Reconciliation Just Got Simpler for Churches

Financial reconciliation for churches is any bookkeeper’s kryptonite (That’s a Superman joke for those of you that have been living under a rock for 70+ years). It often has to be done item by item with information from multiple sources. With all of the transactions that need to be accounted for, reconciling financial income is time consuming and exacting work.

That’s why we rolled out batch reconciliation for Pushpay!

For those of you that know what this is, hang on to your abacus—because we’ve created a feature that makes this painful process much easier.  In fact, some of Pushpay’s current users say it’s a game changer.

Now a bookkeeper can see an entire batch of transactions including:

  • The total value of the batch
  • The amount of each transaction
  • The transaction ID

Batches can be easily filtered by source (mobile, web, kiosk, etc.), payment method, or date. Your bookkeeper can see the amount that’s been deposited into your church’s bank account, and easily see when there are any discrepancies. They can even flag a batch as reconciled as they work through multiple batches.

Plus, because the Virtual Terminal lets you enter check and envelope giving into Pushpay, you can reconcile all your church giving in a batch.

For those with bookkeeping experience, batch reconciliation is an exciting feature. By making the process of reconciling transactions easier, we’re removing another pain point in the giving process of churches.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Processing checks, cash, and digital donations in one place is OK—but it would save a ton of time if my whole church gave digitally.” You’re right. Transitioning your congregation to mobile giving is the ideal solution for the most seamless reconciliation process. When you enter someone’s information into the Virtual Terminal, they’re issued a thank you and an invitation to use mobile giving. This is another touchpoint to help the process of converting your church to mobile giving.

The best way to get your congregation on board with mobile giving is by introducing your own church app. Integrating the giving process with the same tool you use for engagement makes mobile giving even more intuitive for people in your church.

Not only have churches seen generosity rise significantly when mobile giving was implemented, the process of reconciliation is made even easier. There’s less of a requirement to manually enter giving from non-digital formats like cash or checks.

If you’re interested in seeing how having your own app can revolutionize your church giving and engagement, contact echurch right now! We’ll show you how a church app can be tailored to your needs and talk you through the engagement process for transitioning people to mobile giving powered by Pushpay.



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