Engage your community. Inspire your people.

Custom echurch app, mobile giving, events, push notifications, and more. All in one place.

More than just a giving tool. A total engagement solution.

Engagement is the key to community. In our fast-paced culture, mobile is essential to staying connected with people in your church. When you are accessible from their pocket, you open up communication to your members and allow them to give you a gift or connect with you anytime. Mobile adoption is the secret to engagement and we have the tools to ensure success.

In addition to mobile giving with Pushpay, the total engagement solution includes the following product features:

  • Custom echurch app
  • Mobile giving
  • Video sermons
  • Event registration
  • Podcasts
  • Push notifications

“It is grace, nothing but grace, that we are allowed to live in community with Christian brethren.”

 —Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German Lutheran Pastor and Theologian

An engaged member is a generous member.

How will echurch’s engagement solution grow generosity at your church?

Build a Community

A member that is involved and engaged with their church is 33% more likely to give to the church both financially and with their time and talents. People have busy lives and staying connected with people and activities has shifted to mobile. Having a mobile church app is the best way to stay connected with church members and be a part of their everyday lives.

Constant Connection

Push notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, people are connected to what they care about at the glance of a screen and the touch of a virtual button. Instead of just connecting on Sunday, allow people to be a part of your virtual community any day of the week. 89% of people’s mobile media time is spent on mobile apps…be a part of that time.

Anytime, Anywhere

Your church community can connect with you wherever they are. Whether that means giving an inspired gift on an idle Tuesday, streaming Sunday’s sermon while they are on vacation, or registering for an upcoming weekend retreat, they can be a part of your growing community just by picking up their smartphone and touching your custom church app.

Custom echurch app

Our custom echurch app enables you to have a custom branded interface that acts as a central hub for your church membership. This can engage your community and prospective church members like you never have before. It offers resources for your engaged community to connect with you, event registration, push notifications, podcast access, video sermons, recent news, church blog, giving, and everything in between. Your church brand becomes “sticky” and offers members and prospective members a constant connection to your church. Suddenly, your reach and influence goes from whomever is attending church on Sunday to everyone with your app.

We have a church website. Why do we need an app?

89% of media time in mobile is spent on mobile apps. Only 11% of that time is spent on mobile web. Apps make your brand “sticky,” so you have a permanent spot on your church members’ phones. -Nielsen 2015 Report


Time spent in mobile web


Time spent in mobile apps

Video sermons

With this amazing tool you have the ability to upload video of sermons each week and make them available to your congregation through your custom echurch app. That way if anyone is unable to make it to church on Sunday or simply wants to learn more and listen again, they have access to your message anytime…anywhere.

Event registration

Creating and managing an event is a massive undertaking. Gone are the days of being able to effectively manage an event by posting a signup sheet at the back of the church. We have an incredible solution that tracks registration and takes payment so you can concentrate on making the event all it can be.


Podcasting is becoming a true medium, in fact there were 2.6 billion podcast downloads in 2014 (Source: Libsyn internal data and Pew Research analysis, 2014). As part of their ministry, many pastors record a weekly devotional, post audio sermons, host weekly or daily podcasts inspiring their people. Your custom echurch app will automatically republish your podcasts and video uploads to your mobile audience.     

“You teach me, I forget. You show me, I remember. You involve me, I understand.”

―Edward O. Wilson, American biologist, researcher, and author

Push notifications

Now you can send push notifications to your members reminding them about an important date, event, service, or program. You can send notes of inspiration or weekly words of encouragement, engaging your membership and keeping your church a part of their daily lives.

What impact will mobile have on my church?

Churches that effectively implement echurch powered by Pushpay have seen an increase in giving upwards of 30%. Of that increase, nearly 5% is from new givers.

We’d love to show you how Pushpay will increase giving at your church.