eChurch Total Engagement Solutions for Churches

Engage your community. Inspire your people.

Deepen connection and grow generosity—everyday of the week.

Engage Your Community Where They Already Are

How will echurch’s engagement solution deepen connection at your church?

Deepen Connection

Give your community the ability to
participate on their terms whenever and
wherever they’d like.

Personalize Outreach

Make communication more
meaningful by sending personalized
content to your community.

Centralize Content

Give people easy access to your church’s
media content that will keep them engaged,
wherever they are.

Deepen Connection

Small Groups Directory

Keep important information about small groups, serving areas, events, and more in one convenient location—making it easier for members to get involved.

Prayer Requests

Allow your congregation to submit a prayer request—Whenever they need, no matter where they are.

Digital Bulletin

Digital Bulletin takes the important information that churches are already printing and makes it available to conveniently view inside the app.

We have a church website. Why do we need an app?

89% of media time in mobile is spent on mobile apps. Only 11% of that time is spent on mobile web. Apps make your brand “sticky,” so you have a permanent spot on your church members’ phones. -Nielsen 2015 Report


Time spent in mobile web


Time spent in mobile apps

Personalize Outreach

Push Notifications

Send messages your community will actually read. Segment notifications by specific groups or geolocation to keep communication timely, relevant, and personal.

Fill-in-the-Blank Notes

Keep people engaged with your messages by making it easy to follow along and take notes directly inside your app. Create an interactive outline of your message, whether it be a sermon or small group talk and people can fill in the blanks, engaging them even more.

Quick Polls

Ask anonymous, multiple choice questions through push notifications, and get answers in real time.

Centralize Content

Media Feeds

Centralize your content with easy to update media feeds that keep your existing sermons and media at your community’s fingertips.

Live Streams

Allow members to engage with your church in real-time, even when they can’t attend.


Easily find and reference all of your church’s events from one simple, centralized place.   

“Our echurch app allows us to send people out into their daily lives, giving them a resource they can reach in their pocket and reference. While the app has helped our church with membership and money, we’ve seen the most improvement from a kingdom-building standpoint.”

 — Clint Nolder, PeachTree City Christian Church

What impact will mobile have on my church?

Churches that effectively implement echurch powered by Pushpay have seen an increase in giving upwards of 30%. Of that increase, nearly 5% is from new givers.

Over 7,000 churches have chosen Pushpay.

We’d love to show you how we can help drive participation and giving at your church.