10 Generous Churches Trying to Out Give God [Webinar Replay]

Is it possible to out give God?

We don’t believe so, but we’ve compiled 10 real-life stories of churches who may be accused of trying to do just that. These churches are giving back in extremely outrageous ways, and it’s beginning to impact the culture around them.

Here are a few snapshots:

  • 70,000 pounds of potatoes each year
  • $500 to each church member
  • A single act of generosity that launched a movement in churches across the country

These are just a handful of the stories we’ve collected. In this webinar replay, you’ll see videos, real life photos, dollar amounts, and results. Then, we’ll help you create your own outrageous generosity church campaign by first confronting the lies holding many pastors back, and then by sharing our curated list of practical resources.

Each of the three topics in the webinar is also covered in depth on our blog. See the bottom of the post for links. Also, here’s a page where you can learn more about Pushpay’s Digital Giving Tool which guarantees a 5 percent increase in church giving (which some of you were asking about on the webinar).

Free Resource: Teaching Your Church to Give

For additional reading on each of the webinar topics, check out the following links:

11 Examples of Outrageous Church Generosity

We’ve compiled a list of 11 churches that are giving in outrageously generous ways. Some of these campaigns were one-time events, others are on-going. Use the list as inspiration to create an outrageous act of generosity for your own church. Share it with your leadership team to see what sparks their interest.

Read all 11 stories.

5 Lies Holding Pastors Back from Having a More Generous Church

We know that a lot of things in faith start with the belief system. So for those churches looking to create an outrageous culture of generosity, one that impacts culture, the biggest thing to start with is the belief and mindset of your church, your board, and of your leadership team.

Read the five most common lies.

14 Practical Resources to Create Your Own Church Generosity Campaign

Generous churches know how to impact culture by giving in outrageous ways. Sometimes the thing standing in the way of your own campaign is a lack of technical skills or resources.

Read our 14 practical resources.


Teaching Your Church to Give


Derek Gillette

Derek Gillette is the Digital Marketing Content Specialist at Cisco. He and his wife share a life mission to create meaningful conversations through vulnerability.

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    My name is Maria E. Martinez, i am an Evangelist that is doing a fundraiser for the people of Gudivada India, i am helping a Pastor by the name of Joseph Usala I live here in the state of Washington, I am having so much problems in just trying to get donations for the fundraiser i am doing for a village of people i call the “Dust People”” this village is a place where all the garbage and dust from around other villages are thrown and they are completely covered in dust and torn or dirty clothing and they cook outside in the dirt and, oh my God it is so terrible, many of the children, sleep under trees and in railway stations or in bus stations anywhere they can find to lay there head, Pastor Usala is a full time minister and only makes what he can by ministering, once a week on India television and whosoever donates but much comes from his own funds, so i joined him and told him i would help, i need some advice, what is the best way to get people to help such a great need for the hungry? It dosent seem to look like anyone really cares, please let me know, i am thinking maybe a nonprofit org. or go to the churches in my community?

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