5 Ways to Supercharge the Giving Moment in Your Church

Generosity is an important characteristic of every church. While you need to regularly teach and encourage your church to give, there are times when you want a particular offering to have more impact—and a potentially greater return.

Here are five ways you can add some significance to the giving moment:

1. Be specific about where the money is going

The offering is a fairly obligatory part of the most church services. We bow our heads, pray for God to be honored with our giving, and pass the plate. This isn’t a criticism of the practice, but it does tend to become mechanical.

If you want to periodically shake people out of their habitual giving, you can tell them where the money is going. Maybe you’re raising funds for a particular cause, outreach event, or missionary. It could be that you need to remind people how their giving funds the church’s ministry.

People understand the more abstract idea of giving back to God, but sometimes they need to be reminded where the money is actually going.

2. Dedicate the offering to a specific campaign

If there’s a cause or need that’s important to the church, why not dedicate an entire service to it? It’s not too difficult to take an issue that people already care about and stir that into a passion.

When you follow up teaching and testimonies about this campaign or issue with an opportunity to support it financially, people respond more enthusiastically because they understand the direct impact of their giving.

3. Conduct a mobile-only offering

Many churches offer giving alternatives to cash or checks, but they find that these don’t get used regularly. One way to supercharge the giving moment—and get people on board with mobile giving—is to do a mobile-only offering.

When it comes time to give, let everyone know that this morning’s offering will only be taken from mobile devices. Then walk them through using this less-familiar method of giving. Make sure that they have ample time to sign themselves up and get comfortable with the process. If your mobile giving solution offers recurring giving, make a pitch for that as well.

The congregation will enjoy the novelty of this one-off offering time, likely give more, and be ready to give mobile in the future.

4. Offer a giving testimony

Occasionally people need to be reminded of what’s at stake in their giving. This can be achieved beautifully by including live or recorded testimonies during worship.

One choice for a powerful giving testimony revolves around people or organizations who’ve been blessed by the church’s generosity. Stories that highlight the ways faithful giving has impacted others encourages benevolence.

An alternative would be to feature testimonies by people who have been blessed by becoming regular givers. When people see examples of others who have been blessed through acts of generosity, God’s spirit can use it to encourage more generosity.

5. Share Scripture about generosity

If you want to encourage more generosity from your congregation, select Bible passages that will help. Throughout Scripture, God regularly reminds his people to give sacrificially. Reminding your church of their responsibility to steward the Lord’s resources can really energize their giving.

We’ve put together 20 powerful verses on generosity—complete with commentary. Feel free to use them during your offering times.

We don’t want to manipulate giving

It’s important to remember that these suggestions aren’t about coercing others to give. They’re about periodically breaking up the rote behaviors all churches fall into. It’s important to throw an occasional curveball to disrupt the monotony and remind people why generosity is so critical.




Jayson Bradley

Jayson D. Bradley is a writer and pastor in Bellingham, WA. He’s a regular contributor to Relevant Magazine, and his blog JaysonDBradley.com has been voted one of the 25 Christian blogs you should be reading.

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