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We know you’re busy. Between teaching, preaching, and serving your community, you have precious few hours left in the day to explore new innovations that could make your church more effective in its ministry calling. We believe in the work you’re doing, and we want to help. Not only that, we want to give you some of your time back. Think of echurch as the trusted church leadership resource designed to help you keep your community engaged all throughout the week.

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5 Bad Habits that Kill Church Growth (and How to Break Them)


There’s no quick fix growth strategy for churches, but these are 5 things you should avoid at all cost.

Learn how America’s Fastest-Growing Churches Grow Attendance and Giving


Step off the treadmill of quick-growth tactics, and discover how a change in perspective can set you up for the growth you’ve been hoping for.

Learn how to make big changes without splitting your church


You make changes all the time in ministry—big changes, little changes, slow changes, fast changes. You’re always changing something, whether it’s the color of your sanctuary carpet, your worship style, or your entire philosophy of ministry. Learn how to make changes in a healthy way.

Learn how to grow your church fast without compromise


Growing your church is about sharing the gospel, transforming lives, and building thriving communities. That’s why it’s important to get your message to as many ears as possible. But growth doesn’t require doctrinal compromise. In fact, it shouldn’t. Church growth is only good if it’s healthy.

Finance lessons pastors wish they learned in seminary


Only 15% of pastors say their denomination or seminary adequately prepared them to deal with issues related to finances and possessions. This ebook helps fill in the gaps.

Discover the three simple ways to build a church that lasts


Our world is changing faster than at any other time in history. These changes have impacted nearly every industry—from communications to food services to sales. And these changes are transforming the church world as well.

Any church that wants to grow needs to be properly prepared for visitors


Does your church have a clearly-communicated strategy to invite new visitors? What’s your plan once they show up? We put together the New Visitor Success Kit so you can create your church’s ideal visitor blueprint.

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