Everyone Will Hire Mobile App Developers This Year (But Your Church Shouldn’t!)

It’s a great day for mobile app developers!

According to an article on, mobile app developer ranked as the best job in America for 2017. Not brain surgeon, engineer, or pet walker. The best career you can start this year is making mobile applications for smartphones.

Frankly, it’s easy to see why. With median salaries close to $100,000 and an expected 19 percent job growth over the next decade, it’s the perfect job to prepare your kids for.

The growth of the mobile app industry shouldn’t surprise anyone who has paid attention to cultural trends in recent years. Mobile technology represents $3.1 trillion of global GDP. $100 billion was spent on mobile advertising alone in 2016. In 2015, the average person spent nearly three hours every single day on a smartphone. That’s more than people spent on laptops or desktop computers.

Here’s the really good news for mobile app developers: 90 percent of that time was spent in mobile apps. That means tons of new work for mobile app developers. On New Year’s Day 2017, more than $240 million in sales came through the Apple App Store.

Companies will beg for the services of the best mobile app developers. Even mediocre developers can find a good amount of work these days.

So if your church hasn’t jumped into the mobile space yet, you need to make that a goal for 2017. It’s a key mission field today. If you don’t have a mobile app, you’re ignoring the most significant new mode of communication available today.

I know, you’ve got a help wanted ad already prepared for your favorite online job board. Maybe something like this:

WANTED: Top-notch mobile application developer needed. Must understand the local church. Needs to be a whiz with iOS and Android development tools. Will pay peanuts (but the extra salty kind).

But just don’t go there though. Even if your church had the resources for a great mobile developer, it wouldn’t be a wise hire. And if one of your members tells you his grandson is a whiz with mobile apps, don’t be quick to sign on the bottom line. Instead, look for a Kingdom-minded outside partner.

Here are four critical reasons why:

  • You’ll benefit by working with a whole team of developers rather than just one. Technology changes too fast. You need enterprise-level support through mobile developers. When you partner with a Kingdom-focused mobile engagement company, you’ll get the benefit of an entire team of developers, not just one. That means those who work on your mobile app will stay ahead of the curve. They’ll learn from their peers. They’ll tackle projects together.
  • You can afford better developers. Mobile app developers aren’t cheap. Experienced, talented developers will require a financial commitment from your church that can’t be taken lightly. Get a cheap mobile developer, and you may get stuck with a problematic long-term commitment.
  • Your developers will have people who understand mobile app development as supervisors. If you’re like most church leaders, you know nothing about mobile app development. When you hire a developer, you have to supervise his or her work. If you work with an outside team, your developers will be supervised by experienced professionals. That’s a win for you.
  • You’ll have around-the-clock support. If your mobile app crashes in the middle of Sunday worship services, somebody will be available to help. That means mobile giving and mobile engagement won’t take a break for the weekend. A good mobile engagement company will have support whenever you need it.

Kingdom-minded mobile engagement companies like echurch exist and are here to help. Find one that shares your values. Find one with a robust, enterprise-level development team.

But find one today.


Jayson D. Bradley

Jayson D. Bradley is a writer and pastor in Bellingham, WA. He’s a regular contributor to Relevant Magazine, and his blog has been voted one of the 25 Christian blogs you should be reading.

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