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You like smooth. You want to see your church run like the finely-tuned machine you know it can be. You understand balanced budgets, properly designed systems, generous giving, and an inviting campus can be community builders. You don’t long for efficiency as an end in itself. You know efficiency and effectiveness run on parallel tracks to the same destination—the growth of your church.


But it’s not easy to stay up to date on the innovations in church operations technology that can drive the future success of your church. That’s where echurch can help. Let us be your partner as you strive toward growing an effective and engaged community. From a full-featured mobile-engagement strategy to ebooks, blog posts, and success kits, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to take your operational structure to the next level.

Blue Van Dyke
at Summit

Using Metrics

Blue Van Dyke talks about how using metrics can help you engage and grow your community.



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Here are a few featured items from our resources page

Any church that wants to grow needs to be properly prepared for visitors


Does your church have a clearly-communicated strategy to invite new visitors? What’s your plan once they show up? We put together the New Visitor Success Kit so you can create your church’s ideal visitor blueprint.

Learn How to Use Technology to Retain and Connect People Into the Life of Your Church


As visitors walk through the door of your church, are you prepared to help them connect and keep coming back? In this free on-demand webinar you’ll learn practical ways to connect visitors to the life of your church in ways that are meaningful and lasting.

If a shepherd isn’t counting his sheep, how will he know if one is missing?


Using metrics to determine how effectively your church is doing its part to make disciples in the community is critical. In fact, it’s ministry. Ultimately, numbers matter because they represent people who matter—people your church is called to shepherd.

Stop putting it off—build your personal development plan today


What God has marked out for you to complete is yours and yours alone to finish. Your spouse can’t do it for you. Your children can’t finish it. You can’t delegate it to your assistant. Your mission is yours. Living a focused life takes effort. You need a plan, and that’s what this resource is all about.

Learn how to grow your church by hiring the right people at the right time


We think that knowing when and how to staff your church is an important part of any church’s growth strategy. Having a good staffing plan can mean the difference between simply filling a vacancy and hiring to stimulate healthy growth.

Discover the seven little-known secrets of successful church engagement


America’s fastest-growing churches aren’t necessarily the biggest or the loudest churches in the country. They don’t have to have the biggest budgets, most members, or hippest pastors. They’re the churches that engage their congregations most effectively.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Your Church’s Staff Culture


But just because someone is called into ministry doesn’t mean they’re called to be a part of your church. And let’s face it—there are types that can be toxic to your staff culture. Stewarding well means putting the right staff in the right place.

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