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You already get it. You see the potential of your church to use technology to engage and impact your community. But not just any technology will do. You care about scalability, reliability, security, and data because you know technology is ultimately about trust.


We’ve got your back. Through our mobile engagement strategies, ebooks, webinars, and blog posts, we’ll provide best-in-class resources to help you make the most of the latest innovations that are impacting church technology.

Larry Hubatka
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Use Tech to Engage

Larry Hubatka talks about how technology can help build community.



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Technology is transforming the world around us at breathtaking rates. Are you ready for the changes to come?


It’s changing how we work, how we dress, how we get in shape, how we campaign, do business, and even how we worship.

Learn How to Use Technology to Retain and Connect People Into the Life of Your Church


As visitors walk through the door of your church, are you prepared to help them connect and keep coming back? In this free on-demand webinar you’ll learn practical ways to connect visitors to the life of your church in ways that are meaningful and lasting.

If a shepherd isn’t counting his sheep, how will he know if one is missing?


Using metrics to determine how effectively your church is doing its part to make disciples in the community is critical. In fact, it’s ministry. Ultimately, numbers matter because they represent people who matter—people your church is called to shepherd.

There’s a giving crisis in the church. Are you prepared?


People are giving less. It might be easy to blame the decline on crumbling values or misplaced priorities, but what if the cause is far simpler? What if giving has simply become inconvenient? What if we’re the ones getting in our own way?

Don’t Trust Your Data to Amateurs

Ultimately, great technology is about security, reliability, scalability, and trust

The only true enterprise solution for churches

Have you vetted your church giving solution well enough to know if it was built by an enterprise-level team of skilled developers and security experts? If you haven’t, you should.


Hackers and thieves are more sophisticated than ever, and if you haven’t taken the time to properly research your giving solution, you may be putting the personal information of your church members at risk.

Built for enterprise so you can sleep at night

How awful would it be to have your giving solution go down on a Sunday morning? Or even worse to lose your data permanently somehow? These situations are sometimes difficult to recover from depending on the size of your church.


That’s why it’s so important to have a team of tech and security professionals on your team. Just something to keep in mind as you’re vetting giving solutions for your church.

Leading the industry in innovation

As your church grows and technology adapts and changes over time, you’re going to want a giving solution that will adapt and grow alongside your church, not one that is going to remain exactly the same as it is right now and eventually become technologically stagnant or culturally irrelevant.


Because technology changes so fast, it’s critical both for safety and for relevance that your giving solution be supported by a dedicated team of technology and security experts who are constantly learning, watching, and responding to the ebb and flow of the digital space.

Your technology will either build or erode trust

Technology isn’t just about being flashy, having the latest gadgets, or feeling cool. Technology is about building trust, honoring people’s time, and removing barriers.


And this is ultimately the reason we are so serious about security here at Pushpay, making us the most trusted giving and engagement solution in the church space today. With a support team of 60+ people and an even larger engineering team, Pushpay is committed to 24/7/365 engineering support on our platform.

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