Frequently Asked Questions

Some normal. Some doozies. And some just flat out fun.

Why Pushpay?
Our vision and focus is to provide the tools to enable generosity in your church. The speed and simplicity of the Pushpay platform allows people to give in the moment, and the result for your ministry is a significant increase in giving. See how Pushpay has worked for other churches.
Does Pushpay work with our Church app?
Yes, we can integrate Pushpay’s mobile giving solution within your church app.

What is the association between Pushpay and echurch?
Pushpay is a technology company based in Auckland, New Zealand, and they’ve produced an enterprise-level mobile giving and payment platform that is currently live in 4 countries: Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Canada. echurch, based in Redmond, Washington, is the premier supplier of Pushpay to churches, which are in need of secure, reliable technology that can help engage the next generation in our changing culture. echurch also provides churches with resources on how to grow giving, grow engagement, and manage that growth.
We just want to use your mobile solution. Do we have to adopt the web giving as well?
Yes, we highly recommend that all of our partners implement the entire suite of Pushpay products according to our 5 Steps of Success. We know the greatest success is achieved when fully implementing the entire solution, so we provide resources and help to guide you through the process. At the conclusion of a contribution made via the web platform, the giver is provided the opportunity to register for an account. Additionally, they are sent an email receipt with a link to download the mobile app, allowing for giving in seconds the next time from their mobile device. Driving givers to mobile will give them the opportunity to give whenever, wherever, igniting generosity throughout your organization.
Is it true Eliot Crowther, co-founder of Pushpay, owns a fixed gear bike?
“I have a fixed gear bike. I made it. It’s pretty lush.” -Eliot
What countries does Pushpay support?
We currently serve churches in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. We are working everyday to add to this list!
What’s the support like?
One of our key areas of focus is service. We have full-time staff committed to walking through implementation with you step-by-step to guarantee the best possible outcome. We know that every church is different, and every church has specific needs. We are here to deliver above and beyond those.
What sets Pushpay apart from other payment methods?
We’ve seen the results of our market-leading speed and simplicity generate a significant increase in giving across hundreds of churches in the US, NZ, and Australia. Specifically designed for churches, Pushpay is also the only giving platform offering the speed of 10-second giving and integration across all your digital giving methods—online, mobile, web, and text.
Is Marketing the best department to work in at Pushpay?
Yes…yes, it is.
What are the basic steps to get Pushpay up and running in our Church?
Once you’ve picked a pricing plan and signed the banking documentation we begin the implementation process with you. We introduce you to our implementation team who will partner with you and your team to produce the best possible result. We tailor the setup process to your needs.
What return on investment can I expect?

This is very important to us, and seeing an increase in your ministry is our primary focus. You can see examples of actual increases church partners have experienced on our testimonials page.

How do I get the App?
You can download the app for FREE to your Android or iPhone here.
I know it works on Android & Apple phones, but what about Windows and other smartphones?
Any smartphone can give via our web giving solution but we only have an app on the Apple/Android store.
What’s the big fuss with quick giving?
Studies show that 85% of people pull the plug on a transaction if it takes longer than 30 seconds. When giving is made simple, more people will give more often. Pushpay removes the barriers to generosity and helps to drive an increase in giving.
How do givers find my organization?

Organizations are listed according to distance from your current geolocation. If your GPS is not enabled or you don’t see the organization you are looking for, you can search by partial or full name of the organization. You can also save an organization to your list of favorites for faster access.

Do you have recurring giving available?

Yes, recurring giving is an option for givers.

Do you have to signup for Pushpay to give a gift?

No. You can give a gift whether you have an account or not.

Does echurch/Pushpay offer a kiosk solution?

Yes, the web giving online option has been customized specifically for tablets. Ultimately, we see the kiosk as a part of the platform to engage more people and to drive them to the giving app.

Do you have ACH (non-card) giving?

Yes, you are able to give via ACH from anywhere in the Pushpay platform.

Can I use Amex and Discover through Pushpay?

Yes. The ability to pay via American Express and Discover was released in August 2014.

Is it difficult to integrate the online giving page to our website?

It’s very simple. We provide the customized page with your brand and logo, which can be linked directly from the giving page on your site.

Does Pushpay offer customized videos?
Absolutely, many churches incorporate these into their weekly news videos or use them as a way to inform people about the new way to give.
Why is implementation important?
Implementation is a key part of seeing your ministry get the full advantage of our goal to increase your giving. We offer you best practice advice based on our experience with hundreds of other churches just like yours.
We have a more conservative church culture. Would Pushpay be right for us?
Yes. We have built a giving platform that offers many ways to give and in a format that is easy to use for even the least experienced digital giver. The simplicity of Pushpay doesn’t demand a ‘tech-savvy’ user. With a simple 2-step process, anyone can be generous, anytime.
Can we customize for brand consistency?
Does Pushpay provide an end-to-end solution?
Yes we provide the software and connect you with our preferred merchant processing partner. Even though we don’t technically provide merchant services we do provide the customer service associated to every part of your experience, throughout implementation and moving forward.
What are your merchant fees?
Our merchant partner has industry standard rates that we find to be very competitive. These rates are determined by the card type used, but on average we typically see a rate of 2.5-3% per transaction.
Do we see the full amount in our account or are the fees taken out before they clear?
You see the full amount in your account. You then reconcile any merchant fees that are owed at the end of each month as you would with any existing merchant services.
How long does it take for the funds to go into our account?

In the US, funds settle into the church account two business days from the day the contribution was initiated via credit card and 5 days for ACH/Bank account payments. They will process overnight on business days in New Zealand and Australia.

Do you support my database?

Uploading information into your church database is easy. Fully automatic integration with Elvanto, Church Community Builder, and Fellowship One makes life simple for your admin team. This means the user’s information is stored against their giving record and profile in real time. First time givers are also automatically placed in your database, giving you the opportunity to engage with them.

For other databases such as ACS and Shelby Arena, we have created a simple tool allowing you to upload en masse, transactions into your ministry management platform. Of course, you have the simple option of downloading all your transactions in a .csv file for any other custom system your ministry may use.

Can we refund transactions?

Yes, at a simple click of a button from your admin panel as long as the payment was made via credit card.  If the payment was made via ACH or Band transaction you’ll need to refund the amount manually.

Can givers manage their own records?

Yes, they can see their history at any point they wish. They can also change or amend their recurring gifts as well, all by logging into


Can we customize the funds that appear in the dropdown menu?

We can customize your giving page according to your needs.

We’re a multi-campus church. Do you serve others like us?

Absolutely. Our implementation team will be able to serve you across your different locations, all under one account.

Do I get a receipt?

Yes. As soon as someone gives via Pushpay they instantly receive an email with the details of their transaction. This email can be customized to fit your church. It’s important to note that this receipt cannot be used for tax purposes—it is for personal records only. Givers will still need to receive an end of year report from the church.

Is Pushpay safe?
Yes. We do not store any credit card information on our servers. The security setup we have used is the same as many banks and is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. For this reason, Pushpay is considered significantly more secure than many current offerings including actually having a credit card physically present.
What if I lose my phone?
If your phone is lost, simply log into your Pushpay account and turn off authorization for the lost device.
What if I forget my security passcode?
Log out of the Pushpay app and log back in to create a new passcode.