The Numbers Pastors Aren’t Tracking but Should Be

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echurch Weekly / January 17, 2016


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The Number Pastors Aren’t Tracking but Should Be

Having worked at large churches and consulted churches of all sizes, I’ve become more and more aware of a particular word over the last few years: metrics.

Generally speaking, metrics are the numbers that an organization tracks.




3 Important Ways Discipleship Is Different from Mentoring

A few years ago, a young woman asked me to mentor her on being a “mom.” We were co-workers, so we had many conversations naturally. Now and then, we met one-on-one to talk about her cares and concerns as she raised her daughter…




Make Getting Out of Debt Fun for the Whole Family

You’ve had it—you’re finally ready to say “hasta la vista” to debt. But how can you get the rest of the family on board? The journey to debt freedom is a long one, and you’ll need…




5 Reasons Scheduling a Retreat Will Increase Attendance in 2016

When was the last time you experienced a dynamic two-day offsite retreat that refreshed and refocused your team? This week is a great time to calendar, block, and schedule a retreat with your key leaders. But some leaders might wonder…




7 Social Media Tips to Begin the Year

The beginning of a year is an ideal time to refresh and update your personal and church social media accounts. Sometimes it’s necessary to make either important updates or subtle adjustments.

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