Expanding Your Church Beyond the Campus with a Mobile App

It wasn’t too long ago that the only way for pastors to get their message outside of the church walls was through recording the sermon on multiple tapes or CDs. Congregants could then share that media with friends. Particularly marketing-savvy churches could even mail them out through a subscription service.

When the internet came along, that content became a lot more accessible. Not only could a church upload sermon audio to the web, but it also became a lot easier for them to produce and share service video. All of the sudden, a church’s reach wasn’t limited to distributing physical pieces of media. Anyone with internet access could experience a church service.

The dawn of a new mobile era

Almost overnight, mobile computing came along and changed everything. Now churches can share content with their own church app. And we’re not just talking about a new way to share sermons; we’re talking about engaging people with all your church’s communication and content in one easy-to-use and accessible package. It’s like people can carry your church around in their pocket.

By 2020, 70 percent of the population will use smartphones and 90 percent will be covered by mobile broadband networks. This means we’re in the middle of a complete Christian media revolution. The opportunities are limited only by your church’s imagination.

People you can reach with your church app

While a church app is a fantastic way to keep your own congregation engaged, have you considered how a church app can be used to reach people outside of your church walls?

Here is a small sampling of the people you can engage beyond your church campus through your own app.

1. People looking for a new church

If I was new to town and looking for a church, it used to be that I would hit up a church’s website or Facebook page. Now I check to see if they have an app.

If a church has an app, I’m not tied to a browser and I can quickly see what kind of ministries are offered, check out their bulletins, read their blog, and listen to sermons. It’s the simplest way to really get a read on a church’s culture.

2. People who cannot get to church

Have a hospitalized friend or family member? How about a senior who can’t get out too often? A tablet loaded with your church app is a phenomenal way for them to share in your church experience from where they are.

When coupled with a robust visitation ministry, there’s no reason these people can’t feel like they are important and connected members of your congregation.

3. People who have had to move

Sometimes people have to leave. Maybe they got a new job, they’re leaving for college, or they’re getting married. Whatever the reason, occasionally people leave because they have to. A church app can help them stay connected to your community from wherever they are.

One of the nice things about a church app is that they can still regularly support your ministry using mobile giving.

4. People who are serving as missionaries

It can be lonely for people serving in other cultures. They often feel disconnected from their own culture and church family. Your church app can help them feel connected to the ministry of your church and community. It’s also a tool that they can use to minister to the community that they’re part of now.

5. People who don’t know Jesus

Think about all the people in your church whose loved ones have not discovered the living Christ. Getting them to download your app is a simple intermediate step before getting them to visit your church. They get to be exposed to your church and the message of grace, but they don’t have to endure the stress of actually attending until they’re ready.

Join the mobile revolution

If you don’t already have a church app, what are you waiting for? The revolution is already in process and mobile computing is changing the way churches communicate and share their message. It’s also transforming the way people are giving to churches and charitable organizations.

Contact echurch now for a free demo, and discover how you can get your message beyond the walls.

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