Pushpay Churches Respond to Hurricane Harvey

Pushpay Churches Raise Nearly $400,000

Hurricane Harvey has already been called one of the largest disasters in American history and a “500-year-flood.” With 40 inches of rainfall (and more coming) drenching parts of Houston in the past few days, those descriptors seem painfully accurate. Ten people have already died and tens of thousands have been displaced. Some have suggested that the hurricane could cause more than $40 billion in damage.  

But look closely, and you’ll see what may become one of the church’s greatest opportunities ever for generosity. Churches have already sprung to action through practical assistance, prayer, and giving. And long after relief organizations and government agencies have left the area, these local churches will still be on the ground helping to rebuild.

Pushpay began in order to help unleash generosity in the church. We’re seeing that vision lived out in a powerful way as many of our partner churches have launched special hurricane funds this week. In just a few days, churches have raised nearly $400,000 through Pushpay for hurricane relief efforts.

Give to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

If you’d like to give to hurricane relief efforts, please consider giving to one of the following church hurricane relief funds:

If your church has started a Pushpay fund to help people impacted through Hurricane Harvey, email us and we’ll add you to the list.


Teaching Your Church to Give


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