Pushpay Builds the “Path to Mobile” so You Don’t Have To

Mobile Is Everywhere

Everyone knows that mobile is a big deal. If you’re not the person with the newest mobile device, you know someone who is. And I think it’s safe to say that it’s not a fad or a trend but a ubiquitous part of our lives that is here to stay.

When Pushpay started, we knew we wanted to make giving easy for the Church. Not just the techie folks—but for each person who is connected to what the Church is doing. Since mobile is here to stay, we knew we had to make it easy for people to give anytime, anywhere.

The Path to Mobile

Since every person is unique, the only way to make giving easy for everyone is to provide multiple entry points to jump in. Thar’s why Pushpay offers a series of solutions that create the path to mobile so your givers can easily give when and where they feel led.

Let Us Handle the Tech

We know keeping all of the various personalities in your church engaged is hard enough. And if it’s your job to help everyone start on the same mobile journey together, your job might have to change from ministry leader to tech guru. We don’t want that to happen; that’s why the smart folks on our development team have put on their tech guru hats so you (and your team) don’t have to. Below are some examples of how we’ve simplified the process of using technology in your congregation:

  • Easy onboarding for church participants. During a church’s time of offering, we make giving quick and simple via text engagement. A donor sends a specific keyword to 77977 and receives their church’s giving information on their phone to get started.
  • Next steps to connection. When they give, they are prompted to download the church’s custom app so that they can deepen their engagement with the church. Now they’ve got a giving terminal in their pocket, along with prayer request cards, sermons, serving needs, and ways to connect with small groups.
  • Saving time in service and at home. And, when the time of offering comes again next week, not only will they have everything they need in their pockets already, but after repeated gifts, they’ll be prompted to schedule a gift to make things even easier.
  • Supplement with technology, but don’t replace the personal touch. We want to make sure churches can keep things personal in all of this. The church logo, feel, and terminology are maintained throughout these experiences. In fact, every gift is followed by a customized thank you message from the church, because we know that a proper thanks goes a long way.

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