Testify! Spreading the Pushpay love.

See why churches everywhere trust Pushpay.

“We were having a difficult time engaging people with our current online giving system. After we implemented Pushpay we received over a 1,000% increase. I had to re-run the numbers because it was so astonishing.”

-Dennis Cummins, Pastor of Experience Church


“Wanted to give you an update. We rolled out Pushpay today to the church and about 75% of those that use envelopes used Pushpay in service. Can’t wait to see how this does once everyone downloads the app and sees how easy it is!”

– Pastor G. Robinson from The Verge Church in Dallas, TX


“We’ve done online and digital giving for some time, just knowing that’s the way our world is going, what people expect.  We chose Pushpay for the ease of mobile giving that wasn’t offered through our former platform.”

-Matt Goldsbury, Lead Pastor of Rainier View Church

“I just wanted to say thank you for caring about us and our congregation. We have also noticed an increase in giving! Between the videos and the convenience that the app brings, this was a big step forward for our church. There are people giving now that never really gave before, simply because they don’t have to wait for Sunday morning. Thanks!”

-Bryson Lambert, The Rising in Medford, OR

“Sunday morning is no longer the main place that people give.  We are starting to see people giving while they’re on vacation, people giving on a Sunday that they’re not at church, our young people are starting to give more in different places.”

-Pastor Steve Murray, Lead Pastor of Real Life Church


“Your team has been stellar. Every step of the way. Seriously, it’s been dreamy.”

-Brooke Meyer, Reality San Francisco Church in San Francisco, CA


“One of my servant leaders who is 83-years old texted me that she thanks God for Pushpay because it allows her to stay connected to the church.” – Kevin Johnson, Dare to Imagine Church

-Pastor Kevin Johnson, Founder and Pastor of Dare to Imagine Church

“In the first 45 days of Pushpay we saw a total of 63 individuals give more than $17,000 through the app. Last month 41% of our total giving was given through Pushpay. For the past 4 months we have been averaging about a $7,000 a month surplus (above budget needs), and though I’m sure several things factor into this equation, Pushpay is definitely one of them.”

– Kevin Flowers, Lead Pastor of Alamo Community Church in San Antonio, TX