Participation happens anytime… anywhere

Meet your community where they spend 5 hours a day

Mobile Matters.

Americans spend five hours each day on mobile devices, with more than 90 percent of that time spent in apps. via TechCrunch


of giving on echurch happens on a mobile device during the week.


of echurch app users interact with their apps throughout the week.



Connect live stream, sermons, videos, and other media to a centralized place in your app, making managing your media stream a breeze.

  • Your sermon audio appears every week through your current podcast feed.
  • People can access your live stream directly from the app.
  • Easily share the videos you show on the weekends.

Push Notifications

Share the things that are most important to you and your community. Encourage participation with interactive solutions such as Open Polls and Quick Response. Get people involved.

  • Send a notification to people on campus so they see the weekly bulletin.
  • Instantly communicate service changes due to weather.
  • Use location-based alerts that share relevant info in target areas.


Bring your campuses together while boasting their individualized giving and content.

  • Make it easy for people to choose and switch the location they’re attending.
  • Create customized content for each campus.
  • Send push notifications based on the campus someone selects.


We integrate to the calendars you are already using, making it simple for you to manage all your events from one place.

  • Sync your church calendar to the app so information is one place.
  • Ensure everyone can easily so what’s happening.
  • Link your calendar to the Events feature so people can easily register.


Make it easy for your church goers to register, pay, and participate with echurch events.

  • Parents can register and pay for a child’s event in minutes.
  • Centralize event registration in one convenient place.
  • Simplify the registration and payment process for all ministry areas.
  • OR Sync your event data to one of our ChMS integrations

App Connect

First-time givers are directed to download your app once their gift is completing, providing an easy way for you to get more people using the app.

  • First-time givers automatically get a clear next step for participating in your church.
  • This feature happens automatically, so no additional work is needed.
  • When someone is involved financially, they are far more likely to be involved elsewhere.