Giving happens anytime… anywhere

Generosity shouldn’t be limited to Sunday.

“Over the past year, we have seen our number of online givers go from 400 to over 800 and our [mobile] offering more than double!”
—Kelsey Thompson, Finance Director

Americans spend over 4 hours a day in apps.

Mobile devices are part of daily life for your congregation.

Churches need a system where mobile is central to the strategy. Our platform creates the Giving Highway, an intentional experience leading all givers to give on mobile. Over 70% of giving happens on a mobile device.

Mobile is at the center of the giving journey

Journey of a Giver


Average Americans spend 5 hours/day on mobile devices.

Occasional Giver

1 in 3 occasional online givers become mobile givers on echurch.

Mobile Giver

Over 70% of gifts on the echurch platform come from mobile devices.

Recurring Giver

Over half of echurch customers see a 75% increase in recurring givers within the first year.

Above & Beyond Giver

Recurring givers give 28% more in additional gifts.

See how we make it easy for you to manage giving.

New! Centralize your data with Transaction Import

Import transactions, funds, and giver data so you can keep everything in one place.

  • Hassle-free with self-serve import guide
  • Centralize giving data
  • Import transactions, funds, and givers
  • Eliminate duplicates with the auto-merge functionality
  • Easy payer onboarding with auto-generated emails


Streamlined giving tools to support generosity

  • Mobile participation via text keyword
  • Clear, simple giving experience
  • Custom look and feel
  • ACH, debit, and credit card* ready
  • Extra secure with mobile authentication

*Depending on location and settings

Record and process envelope gifts

Deposit checks, record cash, and process card gifts in one place.

Gift Entry is the new way to manage envelope giving

A single solution that makes entry and processing for cash, cards, ACH, and checks simple, and dare we say, a little fun?

  • All gift types in one place
  • Quick entry with auto-pop
  • Level 1 Certified PCI Compliant
  • Easy onboarding of givers to mobile
  • Simple processing for cash, cards, ACH and checks

Now with remote check deposit, made simple

Save a trip to the bank—scan and process checks remotely

  • Access funds faster
  • Save time with virtual endorsement
  • Scan, process, and record checks simultaneously
  • Centralize giving records
  • Encourage givers to convert to digital

The Simplified, 5-Step Annual Giving Statements Process

When you’ve got all of your data in one place, preparing and sending annual giving statements is an easy 5-step process.

  • Streamlined giving record consolidation
  • Custom thank you messages
  • Church-branded donation receipts
  • Automated statement generation
  • Effortless email delivery