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Donor Engagement is a Game Changer

What impact will Pushpay have on your church?

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Tapping into mobile enables giving anytime…anywhere. Whether someone is inspired to give on a whim because of an emotional moment or they just received a bonus at work and want to share that with the church, having access to giving 24/7/365 ensures you are always a consideration for people’s generosity.

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Instead of giving reactively based on what is in their wallet or missing a donation because they couldn’t make it to church that week, echurch’s Pushpay enables planned and recurring giving in addition to a direct line to giving so members of your community can setup their consistent gift anytime…anywhere.

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All of your systems will feed into the Pushpay hub and give you all the data you need to manage the business end of the church. Fully equipped with an online and mobile dashboard, it integrates to your current database system so that you can constantly have eyes on your business, which makes admin’s happy.


Pushpay, the fastest, easiest way to give from a mobile device, is echurch’s technology platform that makes giving and engagement simple. Mobile giving anytime…anywhere. People simply download the app, setup their account and instantly have the ability to give to and connect with your church.

Why do we need mobile giving?

Nearly 70% of Amazon’s sales are purchased on a mobile device, yet mobile giving makes up only a fraction of a church’s intake. The church is behind and that’s a problem. Incredibly, the nearly 4,000 Pushpay powered Churches see an average of  76% of  their giving arrive via mobile. That’s a solution.
 Last Christmas Amazon had 70% of customers shop
using a mobile device.
Only a small fraction of a church’s giving arrives
through a mobile device.

Source:, Inc (2015, December). Amazon Celebrates a Record-Setting Holiday for Prime, Amazon Original Series and Amazon Devices.

Virtual Terminal

More cash, less complexity. Quickly enter cash or check payments and process cards or ACH transactions. Set up recurring giving and edit payment schedules. View complete donor history in one place.


Know where your money is going. Create and customize funds in minutes so people can give with confidence and your finance team can account for every dollar.

Batch Reconciliation

Keep your books balanced. Fewer spreadsheets. Fewer headaches. Reconcile batched giving transactions quickly with a simple drop down to view transactions. Easily identify discrepancies and flag batches to keep track of the reconciliation process.

Annual Giving Statements

Stress-free donation receipts. Easy generation. Effortless delivery. Generate and send church-branded giving statements with just a few clicks. No need to print, fold, and mail every statement.


Use the church management software you choose. Life is easier for everyone when all your technology integrates seamlessly. Pushpay’s software easily plugs into your current church management and finance software, simplifying your workflow.

Mobile Giving

If a mobile transaction takes over 30 seconds, 85% of people quit. With echurch, first-time gifts take half a minute. Every subsequent gift takes just seconds. How’s that for fast?

Mobile Engagement

Giving with mobile is easy—all your community has to do is text your church’s name to 77977 and they’ll be prompted to download the app.

Recurring Giving

Mobile givers are one step away from becoming recurring givers. When someone repeats a gift, they are prompted to set up a recurring gift. Now givers can give consistently even if they happen to miss a service.

“We were having a difficult time engaging people with our current online giving system. After we implemented Pushpay we received over a 1,000% increase. I had to re-run the numbers because it was so astonishing.” —Dennis Cummins, Pastor of Experience Church

What if we already have online giving?

Of American churches that offer online giving an average of only 13% of their giving was online. That means 87% of gifts given to the church were given via cash or check. In the midst of the mobile revolution! If you are not offering mobile as a giving solution you are absolutely not maximizing the generosity of your church community.
Currently, as high as 87% of a church’s income is dependent upon whether someone attends church on a given week, whether or not they bring a checkbook or cash, and how much cash they actually have with them.
When a church switches to Pushpay, they see an average of 76% of their digital giving comes through mobile.  How much generosity are you missing out on by limiting the way people are able to give?

What if we already offer digital giving options?

As the digital age has progressed, many churches have realized the need to insert digital choices into their giving options. Pushpay integrates all of your current giving platforms and drives the community to mobile giving. Now, nearly 80% of digital giving from Pushpay powered churches is given on mobile devices. 

Trusted by over 7,000 churches worldwide.

We’d love to show you how Pushpay can increase giving and engagement at your church.