How to Use Video to Inspire Generosity

Between worship, announcements, and your sermon, there’s not a lot of time to talk to your congregation about why they should give to your church (unless of course, you’re preaching through Scripture about generosity or giving).

In the middle of your announcements, you can’t take your congregation out of the building to show them what you’re doing in your community or bring them to the site of your next service project. You can’t even take them to another part of the building to show them why the nursery needs a remodel. And there may not be time to tell the whole story of someone you recently helped.

That’s why videos change everything. Without anyone getting out of their seats (and in only a couple of minutes) you can tell an entire story. You can show people why their giving matters.

Here are a few ways you can use videos to inspire generosity:

Show people how you’re serving the community

When people only see what happens on Sunday, it’s easy for people to assume that’s all their giving is going towards. Videos let you give your congregation tangible examples of how the money they give to your church directly impacts their community.

If your church has a ministry to the local community (or sponsors one), create a video that shows people what that ministry does and how it uses your congregation’s donations.

Or, if your church spends money on community service projects, showcase one of these projects and talk about what you did—and maybe even how much it cost.

Tip: This isn’t a five-minute budget meeting. You don’t need to get into what percentage of your resources goes where or break down everything you do. Just show some highlights.

Share testimonies of people in your church

Everyone has a story. Some of those stories are powerful examples of how your church is changing lives. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their story, but if you find those who are, their stories can inspire generosity so your congregations can continue being part of those stories.

Hopefully, your staff and volunteers are getting to know the people in your church well enough to hear their stories. Your staff may even have inspiring stories of their own.

It takes a lot of time to conduct an interview during the service, and people might need more than a couple of minutes to share their story. The beauty of videos is that you can edit the testimony to fit the time you have to share.

Tip: If you’re having trouble finding stories to share, talk to people who were recently baptized at your church.

Highlight a need in your community

If your church uses the resources God gives you to serve your community, create a video to show your church what you’d like to do with their money—whether that’s to launch a brand new ministry or to start a short-term project. You don’t have to, but you could even dedicate the entire offering to the cause you highlighted.

This video could take your congregation to the site of this new venture or interview some people in the community who are experiencing the problem you want to address. However you choose to do it, this video should cast the vision for your church.

Tip: Not sure what problems your community is experiencing? Talk to your mayor, a school principal, or a local community center. Try to identify problems that overlap with your church’s mission and vision.

Give an update on your progress towards a goal

Did your church staff recently share a goal with your congregation? Did you set goals together last year? Assuming you’ve made progress on a goal, a video is a great way to show your congregation what’s happened since you talked about it last. And seeing tangible progress towards a goal can inspire people to keep giving.

Tip: The more progress you can show people, the more inspiring your video will be. Use this video to share your big wins. Alternatively, you could also use examples of goals you’ve reached to inspire your congregation to give toward goals you haven’t reached.

Play these generosity-inspiring videos

Creating high-quality videos is expensive, and finding and filming a generosity-inspiring story takes a lot of work. We’ve produced a free series of eight videos any church can use to inspire their congregation to give generously. Our “Give Like God Gives” videos showcase well-known people like Mother Teresa, inspiring stories of little-known heroes, powerful examples of ministry-in-action, and a moving speech about poverty from the National Prayer Breakfast. You can download these videos by clicking on the link below.


CTA Give Like God Gives

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