2 Ways to Increase Engagement with Your Church App Today

You’ve finally done it—compiled your research, figured out which features you need, even proposed it to the board (everyone’s favorite process), and gotten your church the app they’ve been waiting for. And you get your app built, go through the publishing phase, and you can’t wait to roll it out to everyone. It’s right there, in the app store, your logo looking great, and you know it’s going to change the way you interact with your community forever.

And then no one downloads it.

Depending on whether you’ve just now heard of church apps, are researching one, or have one currently, you may or may not be surprised to hear this story. But it’s a common one. Churches go through the process of investing in a mobile solution, but then the execution falls apart at the seams. That’s why we don’t just invest into our mobile app, but into the whole ecosystem and strategy that gets people downloading (and using) your church’s app. And while we don’t want to get into the faith vs. works argument, I think all agree that an app no one downloads isn’t going to help with anything.

That’s why we’ve developed two major avenues to simplify the process of getting your app to the only place that matters—in the hands of your community.

1. App Link

You could talk about downloading your new app Sunday morning until you’re blue in the face, but it won’t matter if the process to download your app is too complicated for people to follow. They always tell pastors to keep their sermons to three points and a conclusion, so why should downloading your app have 5 steps with footnotes and a 3 page addendum explaining the process?

We created App Link to solve that problem, making downloading your church’s app as easy as sending a text message. With echurch apps, all you have to do is text your church’s name to echurch’s text code, 77977, and you’ll get a download link that automatically sends you to either the Apple store or Google play, depending on what kind of phone you have.

Now sharing your app is as easy and intuitive as using it—you can even create slides in your Sunday morning rotation with the instructions to download the app, like “text LCBC APP to 77977 to take us with you.”

2. App Connect – Make Every Interaction Count

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google know that the mobile phone is the key to being successful in their business—but just having an app isn’t what sets them apart. The key to their success is having a system built from the ground up to not only work with a mobile phone, but intelligently drive every use towards their app. For a company like Facebook, that means sending users reminders and alerts to download the Facebook app—it may take asking a few times, but they know that once you download the app you’re going to be opening it!

App Connect leverages the same principles to intelligently drive every digital interaction with your church towards your mobile app. So if someone makes a gift to your church—whether that’s on their phone, online, over text, or even with a check—they’ll get a text saying thank you and prompting them to download your app to stay connected with your church. That takes someone from their first act of generosity towards the next step in discipleship—all thanks to app connect.

echurch Apps: A Better Way to Connect

So when it comes to looking at church apps, you can compare features all you want—but with App Download Keywords and App Connect, you can rest easy knowing echurch apps is the only app solution nearly 7,000 churches trust to actually engage their congregation. Want to find out more? Click here to see echurch apps for yourself.


Zach Boyd
Copywriter at Pushpay

Zach Boyd is a worship leader and serial punster out of Seattle, WA. He writes for the echurch content team and drinks too much coffee.

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