4 Easy Steps to Support Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Churches serve those impacted by Hurricane Harvey

You’ve likely already seen the heart-breaking impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Gulf Coast. People have been displaced, injured, and even killed. Homes have been destroyed. Businesses have been been flattened. But we’ve also seen God at work. Over the last week, a number of churches and organizations have stepped up to raise funds specifically for those impacted by the hurricane.

Whether you’re close to the storm or not, you can mobilize your church to serve those impacted by this crisis. More than 300 of our customers have already designated a specific fund to support those impacted by this storm. Here are a few tips to help you make a bigger impact as you raise funds for disaster relief through your Pushpay account.

How Your Church Can Help

1. Set goals and share the vision

Make sure your congregation is on the same page. Establish a vision and a goal for this campaign. Most importantly, ensure you’ve communicated your goal and vision widely. The better you describe the process of how people can give, the better you will equip your people to express generosity rather than think through each part of the process. Here are a few simple campaigns you could easily run:

  • “Forego your week’s worth of fancy coffee and give $5/10/15/20 to support the the people who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.”
  • “Our vision is to support those impacted by Hurricane Harvey by providing $20,000 in support from our community. You can participate by giving $50 this weekend.”

2. Create a fund specifically for this campaign, and make it the default fund in your list of options.

Don’t stifle someone’s generosity because they have to search for what originally inspired them to give. Remember, your funds and the order of the funds can be changed at any time. You can revert back to what you had previously when the campaign is complete.

With this setup, a giver has to select the desired fund:


With your fund set as a default fund, your giver will not have to select the appropriate fund, as it will be selected for them by default:

3. Create a Campaign Link with a designated amount that can be shared in email, social media, push notifications, and more.

This link will pre-populate information into the giving form so specific fields will be filled in when someone clicks on it. Creating a campaign link is easy. Steps for building a simple link are below, but more information is available on the helpdesk. This is typically an upgrade a church can purchase, but we’ve activated it free of charge for all customers for use in support of Hurricane Harvey Relief. Providing a link to a pre-populated giving page will improve your donor experience and likely increase the amount you’ll be able to raise.

Take the following steps to build a campaign link:  

  • GIVING LINK: This is your giving link from https:// to the first “?” (example: https://www.pushpay.com/p/demochurch, where “demochurch” is replaced with your specific page listing).
  • DOLLAR AMOUNT: You can have your link pre-populate a dollar amount. If you don’t want to include a dollar amount, exclude this step. (Examples of amounts to suggest would be: 5, 50, 100, etc.)
  • FUND NAME: This is the specific fund where people will donate. If it is more than one word, insert “%20” between each word to represent the space. (Examples: Harvey OR Hurricane%20Harvey OR Hurricane%20Harvey%20Relief%20Fund)

Your final link will look like one of the following:

  • With suggested donation amount:
    • Example:
      This result would pre-fill $10 in the donation amount field, and pre-select the “disaster relief” fund.
  • Without suggested donation amount:
    • Example:
      This result would pre-select the “disaster relief” fund.

Make sure you test your link on another page to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, send us an email at care@echurchgiving.com.

4. Share the information.

Share your vision with the congregation and request a response social media, email, social groups, and push notifications. Give them the tools to respond to your call to mobilize. Remember, the easy way for someone to give on Sunday is to have them text your keyword to 77977. Make sure to use your push notifications from your app to share your vision and the link outside of Sundays.

We’re tracking the ways our partner churches are stepping up to help during this disaster. If you’d like to see what others are doing, take a look here. If you’d like to be added to the list, email us here.


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