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You expect excellence. So does your congregation. If you’re going to keep your community engaged in the ministries of the church, you can’t afford average in your church communications efforts. An average church website won’t be visited regularly. An average mobile app that isn’t supported by a robust mobile strategy will sit unused or, worse yet, be deleted.


You want better. You need better. We’ll help you find the best tools and resources so you can supercharge your church communications efforts, engage your congregation, and reach your community.

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Here are a few featured items from our resources page

Learn to leverage social media platforms to grow your church and reach your community


With people in most communities spending so much time on social media, your church has an opportunity to increase its reach and grow. But knowing how to navigate social media as a church can be difficult. This ebook can help.

Learn how to make big changes without splitting your church


You make changes all the time in ministry—big changes, little changes, slow changes, fast changes. You’re always changing something, whether it’s the color of your sanctuary carpet, your worship style, or your entire philosophy of ministry. Learn how to make changes in a healthy way.

Discover Saddleback’s 3-Part Social Media Strategy for Success


But for some, social media can be a confusing landscape. It’s hard to know where to start, what the opportunity is, and what actually works. That’s why we want you to meet Haley Veturis. She manages social media for Saddleback Church, and she’s going to share her tried-and-true, three-part strategy for social media at your church.

Position your church to reach millennials by discovering what makes them tick.


Millennials make up one quarter of the U.S. population, and 35% of them consider themselves religiously unaffiliated. It’s important that the church learns to share the gospel in a way that engages and attracts this important generational group.

Any church that wants to grow needs to be properly prepared for visitors


Does your church have a clearly-communicated strategy to invite new visitors? What’s your plan once they show up? We put together the New Visitor Success Kit so you can create your church’s ideal visitor blueprint.

Technology is transforming the world around us at breathtaking rates. Are you ready for the changes to come?


It’s changing how we work, how we dress, how we get in shape, how we campaign, do business, and even how we worship.

Drive Participation In Your Church

Now you can engage your community with centralized communication tools

The echurch blog: where church leaders go to grow


We’d love to show you how echurch will increase giving and participation at your church.