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Your time matters. We won’t waste a minute of it. We’ve designed resources with you in mind. From our painless mobile giving strategy to ebooks and blog posts that help you thrive in an always-changing church finance and administration context, we’ll be your kind of partner. We’ll listen. We’ll provide tools. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your work easier and more productive. Then you get to take the credit. Now that’s church finance made easy.

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Here are a few featured items from our resources page

Learn About the Seven Types of Givers In Your Church How to Engage Them


People give for a variety of reasons other than simple obedience to scripture and commitment to their local place of worship. Don’t make the mistake of thinking every giver in your church has the same spiritual needs and motivations.

Learn how to engage existing members and new visitors


There’s no better way to connect and communicate with your mobile congregation than with the technology they are already using every other day of the week. Learn the eight questions you should be asking before you get started.

If a shepherd isn’t counting his sheep, how will he know if one is missing?


Using metrics to determine how effectively your church is doing its part to make disciples in the community is critical. In fact, it’s ministry. Ultimately, numbers matter because they represent people who matter—people your church is called to shepherd.

There’s a giving crisis in the church. Are you prepared?


People are giving less. It might be easy to blame the decline on crumbling values or misplaced priorities, but what if the cause is far simpler? What if giving has simply become inconvenient? What if we’re the ones getting in our own way?

The echurch blog: where church leaders go to grow


We’d love to show you how echurch will increase giving and participation at your church.