Do More with Pushpay

Don’t let summer shrink your vision. Summer-proof giving and participation so you have more time and resources to do more good in your community.

NEW! Dynamic Homescreen

Simplify Discovery. Grow Participation.

We’ve designed a home screen experience that promotes repeat app usage. Make content discovery simple, intuitive, and relevant with dynamic home screen.

  • Drive Participation. Keep your community up to date with the latest content and events in your community. People expect apps today to stay fresh, up to date, and relevant—inviting repeat usage.
  • Centralize Information. Generate a live feed on the home screen where your videos, sermons, and campaigns are displayed in a chronological order.
  • Customization. Cards are designed to allow the church to curate the content of the cards directly (not just re-displaying an external feed), giving flexibility to post relevant information that keeps the home page of the app fresh and up to date.
  • Featured Pin. Pin a card to the top of your feed so no one misses the most important information in your community.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Reduce Friction between Giving and Reconciliation.

Our integration with QuickBooks Online streamlines reconciliation and increases accuracy by automating your accounting processes.

  • Save time by eliminating manual entry.
  • Cash, check, card, and ACH gifts can all be recorded in QBO.
  • Funds and batches are all merged into QBO automatically.

Batch Entry

Reconcile Payments in One Place (No Matter How Many Ways People Give).

Deeper giving insights and streamlined workflows makes for easier accounting entry and reconciliation.

  • Faster Entry. Process envelope gifts quickly and accurately. Reduce duplicate entries by searching for the giver rather than entering the gift amount. Existing giver information gets filled in automatically, and new givers can be easily added to your community members.
  • Easier Reconciliation. Group offline transactions in a way that is meaningful to your church. Capture the relevant data needed to help you organize and ensure that gifts match what was received, and that the amounts are properly attributed to the correct funds.
  • Better Reporting. Group and track transactions from the giver to the bank for better auditing of funds. You have the ability to see who has taken an action with a particular batch. You can also create custom searches for a single gift.

Draft Mode

Create Now, Share Later.

Draft Mode gives you the ability to hide/publish content within the Mobile App Studio. It will save you time and increase flexibility by allowing you to build out content ahead of schedule and hide it for a later publish date.


Push Notifications

Send the Right Message for the Right People at the Right Time.

  • Users pick which Push Categories they want to receive updates from when they download the app.
  • Churches choose which Push Notification categories are important enough and should be ‘subscribed to’ by default.
  • Multi-campus organizations (on Complete package) can target app users by campus, category, and geographical location.
  • App users will only receive messages that are relevant to them.