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“One of my servant leaders, who is 83-years old, texted me that she thanks God for echurch because it allows her to stay connected to the church.”
–Kevin Johnson, Dare to Imagine Church

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The smartphone changed our world forever. Nearly all adults own a cell phone, and almost 80 percent own a smartphone. This reality reveals one thing: Churches need a better way to reach people outside of Sunday. We provide world-class giving and app solutions designed to help the local church drive participation in their communities. With industry-leading security and award-winning design, it’s finally possible to reach people where they are.


The amount of time adults spend on their phone every day


The amount of time people spend using an app


The amount of giving that happens during the week via mobile

Mobile is at the center of the giving journey

Journey of a Giver


Average Americans spend 5 hours/day on mobile devices.

Occasional Giver

1 in 3 occasional online givers become mobile givers on echurch.

Mobile Giver

Over 70% of gifts on the echurch platform come from mobile devices.

Recurring Giver

Over half of echurch customers see a 75% increase in recurring givers within the first year.

Above & Beyond Giver

Recurring givers give 28% more in additional gifts.

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Mobile First

Drive Participation

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Digital givers contribute 47 percent more than cash and check givers. With our comprehensive giving solution, your church has a simple way to increase giving and provide more resources for your church.


Smartphone users spend 89 percent of their time in an app. When you have a church app, you give people an easy way to participate with your church. Everything lives in one place: Announcements, events, giving, small groups, and much more.